Workshops on DROP

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I have been conducting seminars on DROP throughout the state of Florida pertaining to financial planning for Sworn Employees.

The response to these high-quality, high-content educational seminars has been overwhelming. I have discovered that there is a real demand for these seminars given the confusion surrounding the intricacies of DROP.

The most recent seminar I conducted had 50 attendees and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Some of the topics I cover include:

  • The factors to consider when deciding to enter DROP
  • How to properly design an asset allocation for your deferred comp (457) and DROP
  • How the age 50 rule per PPA 2006 affects you
  • Social Security integration strategies
  • The different pension options to choose from: Joint & Survivor, Single-Life, etc.
  • The mistakes to avoid when exiting DROP

The presentation is interactive, high-content, and educational. The seminar is customized to the municipality’s specific CH.175/185 plan (or FRS for county) and is an ideal setting to educate, inform, and promote the many questions facing sworn employees today regarding retirement.